Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Confessions of a Blogaholic!

Hello, My name is Kimberly and I am a blogaholic.

Seriously, since real estate slowed (can you say flatline?!?;) in 2008 and I had time on my hands to plan my 2009 wedding in 5 months ~ no wedding planner/coordinator or attendants (that was me). We wanted to keep it simple and intimate, but I'm a DIY girl and lurve me some graphic art so I spent hours ~ and hours ~ and so many hours that I had to stop packing for my move in order to do all the DIY stuff for our wedding and celebration gathering {some items are posted below ~ I make the candles (heat printed ~ NOT vellum or vinyl & sell them on my business website:}. It was worth it. Anyway, that's when my little blog addiction began. I'd spent endless nights pouring over the most amazing wedding blogs, DIY stuff for weddings or parties and I took what I could do on my own. Well, I've been married 7 months and still read those cute wedding blogs and then some. I love home decor ~ especially if I can alter something and make it look like it crept out of a Pottery Barn catalog and landed in our humble abode. Confession does the heart good so here I am confessing my little hobby of enjoying me some incredible blogs!