Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's In A Name?

My sister, Kathi, is an avid Blythe doll collector. She is insanely creative and makes and sells the clothes for these little lovelies in her Etsy store. I have a few favorite girls of hers ~ Avery Rose (has curly pink mohair), Kennedy Reese (has blonde Marilyn Monroe type hair), and Hannah Grier (has long, white mohair). Her newest arrival is a cute little blonde that she picked the name I tossed out there: Wenslyn Emery. She is pictured below (not wearing one of Kathi's fashions)...


  1. Aww, thank you for blogging about Wenslyn. We appreciate it so much! Hugs, Kathi

  2. I think this doll it really cute, but my sister in law has a deep fear of dolls. I may have to forward this to her just cuz I am a mean person.

  3. Wenslyn is sooo right for this sweetie. your sister's designs are so cool.
    The Painted Hive

  4. Thanks, Kristine. She sells her designs via her Etsy shop.

    I named another doll {Felicity} that I need to upload a photo of.

    Love your blog!



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