Saturday, August 21, 2010

For All My Single Friends {Part 2}...

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." ~ Psalm 34:18

Walking in wisdom is what helps us avoid the enemy's snares, the counterfeits that slip into our lives and hold us captive because of our desires. The rearview mirror is always crystal clear. When we look back, we see all the little red flags: Friends and family said things we did not want to hear, but should have taken note of. We chose to ignore their admonition, but now have to admit that what they warned us about was true. Some will quietly hang their heads in shame and admit they knew they had no business with the likes of this man or woman. You had hoped by your good example they would change. However, he or she did not ~ "it's hard for a zebra to change its stripes", my mom used to tell me. Upon their exit from your life, this person wreaked havoc on your heart, your spirit, and your emotions.

Unfortunately, you will hurt again if the process of healing is not allowed to do its work. Take the necessary time to learn the lesson so that you do not have to repeat it again. Lessons get harder and harder every time. When I found myself going through a divorce in 2002, I finally realized the biggest mistake I could make {& almost did make} was to sweep my tears under a rug and move on stumbling blindly over my disappointments and heartache only to find myself staring them in the face at a later date down the road. For every lesson you and I refuse to learn, every heartache we refuse to process, the backlash is worse than the original occurance. Healing takes work and it usually hurts in the beginning and feels extremely uncomfortable. It will only hurt for as long as we fight the medicine. Take responsibility for your heart and get it right this time. Get ready to exhale everything that will impede your progress and inhale life. Pain can be a powerful teacher. It exposes the secrets that harbor defeat. It is a wonderful indicator that we are human and that we possess an incredible capacity for joy. Our level of joy is as great or as deep as our ability to register pain.

I have no idea where my mother found the following prayer, but I at least have a name to give proper credit. It was written by a lady named Carolyn Van Winkle. It is a prayer of release. It is imperative that when we go through a break up of any type that we have a clean break and cut ties with that person for a period of time; otherwise, our emotions stay clouded and we are more influenced by those than the wisdom the Holy Spirit provides. My advice is do not call them, take calls from them, Facebook message them, text them, answer FB messages or texts. Walk away or let them walk away. Forget about them for a moment and allow God to heal your heart.

By Carolyn Van Winkle
"Because Jesus Christ is my Lord, I free ____________ from my anxiety, fears, and control. I trust the Holy Spirit to draw you and show you the way that is right for you - the way of peace, joy, and love that includes all the fruit of the Spirit. I place you on God's throne of Grace. I have given you to God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You are a very special person. As much as I love you, I cannot live your life for you or entangle mine with yours. Your life is completely in His hands and I trust Him with it. I give you my blessing and unbind you and let you go, In Jesus' name."

Let the healing begin!


  1. Great thoughts! That prayer is pretty powerful! I have a friend I think I will pass that along to!

  2. My Mom used to say, "Let Go - Let God"


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